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Henan Jindan Lactic Acid Tech Co., Ltd. is a good hi-tech enterprise of Henan province and the leading company of Henan agricultural industrialization, with 660 employees, total assets of RMB 375,680,000 Yuan, a land of 260mu and annual output of 80,000 tons of lactic acid and serial products.

Recently, the ” liquid calcium” is a buzzword in the online search , many people recommend taking liquid calcium to calcium, said liquid calcium absorption is good , especially for infants and young JINDAN Sodium lactate to take. Liquid calcium and calcium actually contained the same ingredients are synthetic calcium, but is made ​​of a tablet, a liquid made ​​. From the administration point of view, liquid calcium may be easier for a child to take . However, from the perspective of the absorption , its the same composition and calcium is no different.

Speaking of calcium. Can not say that vitamin D. JINDAN magnessium lactate , some people and a lot of calcium , calcium deficiency but still , this is because the calcium to be absorbed by the poor, we want to eat calcium is absorbed, it can not do without vitamin D promotion.

Calcium and nutrients composite film is an urban white-collar workers are the most preferred mode of calcium , and they are easy to take relevant . Tablets and nutrients calcium compound , JINDAN Zinc lactate mostly “synthetic calcium” , such as calcium carbonate , calcium lactate , calcium citrate , calcium gluconate . From the content , the higher the calcium content of calcium carbonate , if the rate of absorption from the point of view , it is preferably calcium carbonate , calcium lactate , calcium citrate, and the second, followed by even more gluconate .
The general population is not necessary to JINDAN potassium lactate  way to calcium. Due to loss of appetite , digestion gradually decline from the normal diet may be difficult to obtain the recommended dose calcium , this case can be used to supplement calcium and calcium compound nutrients through the sheet .

But times have changed, eating habits have changed . Now many children and young people from an early age often drink milk , yogurt, ice cream or cheese , the ability to digest lactose in JINDAN Sodium lactate is very strong , even fasting drink milk , but also no discomfort . So -called ” fasting can not drink milk ,” saying also that the altered , at least to add a premise can not be generalized . In fact , when fasting drink milk, ate it? Eat candy ? Eat chocolate ? Eating cookies ? Eat beef jerky JINDAN lactic acid powder afraid that from the perspective of nutritional balance , but also far less reasonable to drink milk .

If you grew up regular milk , nothing , ” lactose intolerance ” sort of problem, then fasting drink milk completely harmless to health. Morning rush, no time to cook , I wish to JINDAN potassium lactate a glass of milk, or carrying a box of milk to drink on the road , you can guarantee 1 to 2 hours does not feel hunger, improve learning and efficiency. Compared with complete without eating breakfast milk not only provides considerably more nutrients , but also to help prevent stomach and gallstones, can make people feel more calm and soothing .
However , early in the morning should not be treated as the only milk drinks. Get up in the morning or when the first JINDAN lactic acid powder large glass of water ( when dry indoor heating season short to drink honey water better ) , and then drink the milk as well. Because of higher milk osmolality , much less in terms of water to add moisture quickly and effectively .

However , fasting is not what people can drink milk . Note that if there is a problem bloating diarrhea after JINDAN Sodium lactate , then do not fasting a lot of drinking milk , or eat starchy foods again after a few times to drink milk as well, it is best to drink yogurt .

20 years ago , the experts made not fasting drink milk , it was because people rarely have the opportunity to drink milk , once off the breast milk, dairy products basically see faces . JINDAN calcium lactate exposure is not dairy products, causes the body to happen ” lactose intolerance ” , a milk on bloating , bowel , diarrhea, abdominal pain. If you drink too fast , especially fasting drink milk , the symptoms will be more severe .

Because in this concentration , the acid inhibitory effect , slowing the growth of microorganisms , JINDAN Zinc lactate black mildew caused by green flesh , when the concentration exceeds 3% , have an adverse effect on the flesh , which is the acid itself caused by foreign research shows that with 0.6 % acetic acid plus 0.046% formic acid mixture impregnated meat 10S, not only greatly reduced the number of bacteria , and can keep its flavor , almost no effect on the color , such as a separate magnessium lactate acetic acid , can be antibacterial, but have an adverse effect on the color , the use of 3% ascorbic acid +3 treatment . Because ascorbic acid protect the color , flesh can be maintained very well.

 Rumors : Professor T. Colin . Dr. Campbell, the study said , the protein in milk is a very strong promoter agent , especially accounting for 87% of casein, can increase cancer, heart disease , diabetes, kidney stones, Calcium lactate pressure, risk of illness . Meanwhile , milk IGF-1 resulted in women susceptible to breast cancer, men susceptible to prostate cancer. Well-known science writer Clouds had previously noted that the Joint Expert Committee on FDA, World Health Organization and the United Nations FAO food additives agreed that ” there is no evidence that IGF-1 carcinogen .” JINDAN lactic acid powder , the content of the milk is very low IGF-1 , after heating , digestion , absorption , no longer reach the human body having biological activity , does not constitute a health hazard.

German medical experts believe that chocolate cocoa polyphenols and polyphenols have potent antioxidant capabilities , both with more effective, not only to extend the body of other antioxidants , such as vitamin E and C, duration of action , but also to Jindan potassium lactate  treatment of symptoms of anemia . Experts point out that eating chocolate cup of tea then , its effect is equivalent to folic acid has a protective effect on blood vessels .
Dark chocolate with higher levels of cocoa butter , buffered lactic acid  polyphenol natural ingredients , but also a powerful antioxidant .

The study found that the probiotic may also produce some metabolites inhibit tumor growth , such as polysaccharides , such as Zinc lactate  and bacteriocin , by inhibition of the conversion enzyme to produce carcinogenic activate the immune system , especially macrophages , NK cells , B lymphocyte activity and inhibit cell mutations , etc., as well as lowering magnessium lactate of the intestine , stimulating bowel movement, so that the intestinal bacteria toxins and carcinogens out of the body within , to reduce the likelihood of cancer.